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Maciuszek, Dennis; Ladhoff, Sebastian; Martens, Alke
Content Design Patterns for Game-based Learning
In Felicia, P., Editor, Developments in Current Game-based Learning Design and Deployment
Seite 113--135.


  • character design,cognitive tool,collaborative environment,design patterns,digital educational games,game design,game-based learning,interactive storytelling,quest,scripts


  • To address the lack of documented best practices in the development of digital educational games, the authors have previously proposed a reference software architecture. One of its components is the rule system specifying learning and gameplay content. It contains quest, player character, non-player character, environment, and item rules. Documented content design patterns can assist in the authoring of such rules. This paper reports on four studies that have collected quest, character, environment, and item design patterns by analysing a variety of media. A selection of the results is presented, as well as a discussion of how the patterns can be used in designing educational game content.

Maciuszek, Dennis; Martens, Alke; Lucke, Ulrike; Zender, Raphael
Second Life as a Virtual Lab Environment
In Hebbel-Seeger, Andreas and Reiners, Torsten and Hanno, Tietgens, Editor, Beyond the Hype: Advantage and Prospects of 3D Virtual Environments für Education and Business
Seite 165--202.
Herausgeber: Springer Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany
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