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Oertel, Marcus; Himmelspach, Jan; Martens, Alke
Teaching and Training System plus Modeling and Simulation - A Plug-In Based Approach
Tenth International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (EuroSim/UKSim2008) , Seite 475--480.
Herausgeber: IEEE Computer Society,
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3114-4


  • simulation teaching and training


  • Teaching and training simulation systems are usually developed ad hoc and are in most cases not carefully engineered. This leads to a situation, where neither teaching and training content, nor parts of the implemented systems can be re-used. The approach described in this paper is based on the idea of “plug-in” of components. The framework JaBIT (Java Based Intelligent Tutoring) provides for a set of core components which can be used for implementing a teaching and training system. In combination with the modeling and simulation system JAMES II (Java based Agent Modeling Environment for Simulation II a JAva based Multipurpose Environment for Simulation), also modeling and simulation components can be used for development of teaching and training systems. The JaBIT framework and the combination of the framework with JAMES II “plug’n simulate” mechanism are described in the paper.

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